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  • Posted on 9/23/2014 How do I prepare the morning of the deposition?

    We’ve been covering deposition preparation and I was going to recover the 8 Simple Rules and One Simple Question, (and your answer) but today I’m gong to deviate from my original idea, but just a little. First let’s list the ten rules for what you should be doing to prepare for the morning of the deposition.  There are a few things to do the night before and getting up early the morning of is equally important. You need to be awake and ready to go when the sun comes up and the gun goes off.


    1. Start early.

    2. Lay your clothes out the night before so you know you’re ready to hit the ground running.

    3. Eat a small to medium sized breakfast.

    4. Leave the house early enough to arrive at least thirty minutes early.

    5. Ask to see the room where your deposition will take place.

    6. Bring a sweater that buttons or zips all the way down in the front just in case you’re cold. No pullovers so you don’t mess up your hair.

    7. Drink water but in moderate amounts.

    8. Meet with the lawyer before the deposition to review his/her rules.

    9. Use the rest room before the deposition begins, look in the mirror, smile and remind yourself you’re ready and dressed for success.

    10. Relax it’s not the end of the world.

    So there you have ten simple rules to follow. If you follow them you should be about as ready to go as you can be. Now let’s discuss why we’re deviating this morning. Let’s talk for a minute about your attorney and the job they are supposed to be doing in getting you prepared to be deposed.


    I meet with my clients and we discuss how depositions should be structured, what telling the truth means, we discuss the 8 Simple Rules and I “administer” the 1 Simple Answer. We go into the facts of the case and I explain the law of both liability and damages. Many attorneys do this but many don’t. I’ve heard some tell their clients to just tell the truth. Those attorneys meet with the client ten minutes or less before the other attorney arrives and while the court reporter is setting up says, “It’s really simple, just tell the truth.” That couldn’t be further from the truth of how lawyers are supposed to prepare you for a deposition. That’s not preparation; it’s the exact opposite. Now I don’t care what side of the case you are on; either plaintiff or defense, there is a right way and a wrong way to assist clients in being prepared.


    Yes, I agree you have to tell the truth, but getting to the truth is a lot harder when you’re worried about how depositions work, what is this person doing here typing every time I speak and why is the opposing lawyer talking in a tone that suggests I’m lying? All of that is what should be covered days or weeks before the deposition takes place.


    So here is my advice to you today. If you’re scheduled to be deposed and the lawyer or the staff haven’t called to schedule a deposition then call the lawyer’s secretary and schedule a time for deposition preparation.  If the lawyer refuses fire them and hire another. That’s it for today enjoy the rest of your week, unless of course you’re scheduled to be deposed. Then you better be reading your answers to interrogatories, reviewing the Petition/Complaint and Answer along with the medical records and accident report.


    Once again I’ll repeat the rules.



    1. Start early.

    2. Lay your clothes out the night before so you know you’re ready to hit the ground running.

    3. Eat a small to medium sized breakfast and don't overdue the coffee, try decaf.

    4. Leave the house early enough to arrive at least thirty minutes early.

    5. Ask to see the room where your deposition will take place.

    6. Bring a sweater that buttons or zips all the way down in the front just in case you’re cold. No pullovers so you don’t mess up your hair.

    7. Drink water but in moderate amounts.

    8. Meet with the lawyer before the deposition to review his/her rules.

    9. Use the rest room before the deposition begins, look in the mirror, smile and remind yourself you’re ready and dressed for success.

    10. Relax it’s not the end of the world.


  • Posted on 9/22/2014 How do I prepare for a deposition?

    Here are a few points for thinking about your upcoming deposition.

    Preparing for your deposition - Being prepared to do well is a matter of simple preparation.  

    Relax because you are going to do fine. Get a good night sleep the night before. Drink water, stay away from the booze and get to bed early.

    Experience with deposition process – Have you ever been deposed? Stated another way have you ever given a deposition? If you have, then know that it can be generally the same but also can be quite different. For those who haven't it is a meeting of the clients and lawyers where the opposing lawyers will get to ask you questions while you are under oath. The first rule applies, meaning you tell the truth. But remember it is not formal in the sense there is no judge or jury. What makes it formal is the court reporter that is taking down the lawyer’s questions and your answers. So you have to be somewhat careful about what you say and how you say it. Remember, you’re there to answer questions not argue a point; nor to argue with the other lawyer and certainly not to try to WIN the case.

    I’ll say it again; you’re there simply to answer questions. PERIOD. You don't WIN a deposition; you can only lose. So answer the questions and then close your yap.

    The oath – So what is an oath. An oath is you raising your right hand and swearing the answers you give will be truthful. It’s easy to say, you will tell the truth; but telling the truth is not so easily applied in practice. What “the truth” is, isn’t black and white, nor is the factual truth outlined with bright lines. For instance “Have you ever suffered from back pain?” What if in the past you’ve suffered from tension in your shoulders or neck? Do you say yes or no? And where does the neck end, and the back begin? Where do the shoulders end and the back begin? Does tension in the shoulders qualify for pain? Is tension pain? Is all pain equal? People describe discomfort from tight muscles to burning sensations but are either of those pain? There is dull, nagging, sharp, disabling and many other descriptions for pain. Some people have higher tolerances for what some describe as pain. But if you and I have the same amount of pain but I’d take aspirin for it and you want prescription pain killers is mine really pain or just discomfort? As you can see depending on the question “the truth” is a moving target. The point here is not to teach deception, but to make you aware of being careful when choosing the words you use to answer any question.

    Is it raining outside? If you and I look outside and we see mist then do we each see “rain”?

    Rules8 Simple Rules and 1 Simple Answer – This is a simple concept of rules to be applied when answering deposition questions. I want you to read them and make sure you understand the rules. After you understand the rules then answer the One Simple Question. For the answer write to me and I’ll grade your answer.

    Deposition Testimony Rules:

    1. Tell the Truth

    2. Listen to the Question

    3. Make sure you understand the Question

    4. If you don’t understand the Question ask for clarification.

    5. Pause and think about your answer.

    6. If you can answer with a “Yes” or “No”, answer with a “yes” or “no”.

    7. If the answer requires more than a “yes” or “no”, keep your answer concise/brief.

    8. Don’t offer any information.

    Go back to the Eight Simple Rules© and review them. Remember, listen to the question, then make sure you understand the question, followed by if you don’t understand the question ask for clarification; and then pause and think about your answer.

    One Simple Question

    Now we have discussed the 8 Simple Rules© For Deposition Testimony. Today we ask the 1 Simple Question©.

    Do you understand these rules? Then let’s see how well you can apply them.

    Answer this Question: Do you know what time it is?”

    What is your answer: _________________. Write it down.

    If you wish to know whether or not the answer you gave is correct then write to me at sdlombardi@aol.com and I'll send you a private email with the correct answer and tell you if you indeed understand the Eight Simple Rules.©

    Bucket method to answer questions – Liability and Damages

    When climbing Kilimanjaro African porters have a saying, "Anyone can eat and elephant, you just eat it one bite at a time."

    The bucket system is built on this idea of breaking up the deposition questions into smaller pieces. To know how to answer questions, first group each question into one of two buckets. The one bucket is for liability questions and the other for damage questions. Questions about how the collision occurred or the mechanism of injury go towards the liability bucket. Questions about what your body struck, who treated your injuries and for how long go into that damage bucket.

    The Warm Up – The opposing lawyer will warm you up with softball questions about who you are and about your social history. (Age, education, marital status, children, where you grew up and went to high school are all social history.) Be careful during this phase. Don’t forget the opposing lawyer isn’t your friend; he’s a professional that if seasoned will be friendly. You can smile and be friendly but don’t be chatty and act as if this lawyer is your friend. Don’t be fooled by the opposing lawyer’s friendliness. It’s sort of like divorce. After you file for divorce you’ll find out of those people you know which are really your friends and who was just being friendly. The opposing lawyer is always just being friendly. But is never your friend!

    How do you handle pre-existing conditions? Be direct in your answer. If you can answer with a yes or a no then do so. Admit pre-existing conditions. It helps to know your history, so get the records and create a medical dateline that reads like a story of your medical life. Normally the lawyer does this but some are lazy and are in it just for some quick money; they do a crappy job and this isn't one of those things they are going to do if it takes time away from golf or just loafing.

    If you have a pre-existing condition. Breaks in a condition being active, certainly helps; so know your medical history. And remember a person who has worked hard to successfully deal with years of back ache, then having it lit up because of a car accident may have in some ways a claim that the jury places a higher value. The injured person is put right back on the misery train. So think about your condition and consider why your case has value. Don’t shy away from common prejudices. In other words don’t be afraid of your facts; learn how to make them work for your claim.

    What should you review before the day of the deposition?

    Here is what you need to review/read as you prepare for your lawyer meeting to discuss deposition preparation: The motor vehicle accident report, car damage photographs, visit the accident scene and note the posted speed limit, the petition, the defendant’s answer, your interrogatory answers, medical dateline, persons’ report and the organizations’ report. Read to understand the information that is grouped into the two buckets – liability and damages.

    Well, that’s enough for today. I hope this is helpful. Read The Verdict on the Lombardi Law Firm website and also follow Steve Lombardi on the Des Moines market. If we can help you give us a call and please … contact us sooner rather than later.


  • Posted on 9/22/2014 Dread Pirate Roberts, A New & Improved, Javontae Holloway

    Ahoy Mates, This past week the forklift driver Javontae Holloway was busy being turned into a paraplegic while working at WalMart with his FedEx truck in New York, then late in the week he switched over to California.

    It seems more than a wee bit of a coincidence that on September 19th of all days Po Javontae would change his name to William Roberts. Ya did say Mr. Roberts didn't ya?

    After all September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day!. It tis that matey! So why would he chose this name of Mr. Roberts and on Talk Like A Pirate Day?

    You will find the answer in the movie The Princess Bride. You see, in Princess Bride, Wesley took over for the Dread Pirate Roberts and last Friday being International Talk Like A Pirate Day it seemed fitting that he would try to steal from attorneys on that day while using the moniker Mr. Roberts! The scallywag!  Off to walk the plank!

    I suspect this Bilge Rat is working for the American Tort Reform Association and they are assisting him with the story to steal from attorneys. Find a bunge hole and have a grog for me tonight! Toast ye ole Captain a good one! Avast Ya saved the ship for another day! 

    Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) | Home

    BLOG LIST ABOUT THIS SCALLYWAG: Other blogs about the FedEx and WalMart Scam

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Don’t fool yourself into thinking you won the lottery when you can’t produce the winning ticket. To win the lottery you have to do several things.

  1. Be old enough to legally play the game.
  2. Buy the winning ticket.
  3. Buy the ticket during the time period when the game is active.
  4. Possess the winning ticket. (Can be by gift or other legitimate means. Just not stolen.)
  5. Sign the winning ticket.
  6. Turn the ticket in by the deadline for validation.
  7. Actually turn the ticket into the Iowa lottery.
  8. Have the ticket be validated by the lottery’s machinery.
  9. Don’t engage in fraud or theft to possess the winning ticket.
  10. Don’t wait to turn in the winning ticket if the economy is in down market because the value of the winning prize will probably decline.

The Iowa Lottery recently had a drawing named Hot Lotto that was sold at a Des Moines convenience store with the winning number being drawn on December 29, 2010. That meant the winning number had to be turned in on or before December 29, 2011. It was, but barely.

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Pedestrian accidents can have many causes. Pedestrian accidents are caused by inattentive drivers, crossing in the wrong place, listening to an iPod or other MP3 device, the weather or a whole assortment of other facts. Lombardi Law Firm explores the many facets of pedestrian accidents. Come join us. Clients may contact us at 515-222-1110 or sdlombardi@aol.com.

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Where can you find legal help with your Iowa unemployment insurance claim? The Lombardi Law Firm is here for you. Call Steve and Katrina at 515-222-1110. 

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Financial crime has increased in America. The amount of retirement funds saved along with government fostering a gambling mentality has creating an environment where greed seems acceptable. Working people, honest people, young adults and the elderly need to be on the lookout to save their hard earned savings and to protect their futures. Join us with the Lombardi Law Firm as we create depository of blog posts that are all about financial rip-off stories that are in the news.

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