We Are Dedicated To Helping You Win Your Employment Case

Attorney Phillip originally got into this area as a way of helping Iowans during the economic downtown. We make very little money on these cases, but the value to those who are unemployed and being denied benefits is enormous.

We handle a limited number of unemployment benefit cases at any one time. So if your case is rejected by our firm, do not be offended, because there is only so many we can handle at any one time.

As a general rule we are more likely to get involved at the beginning of your denial, rather than following the informal hearing and that denial. When you wait till the last few days before the main hearing or when an appeal needs to be filed, Katrina isn’t likely to be very likely to take your case. After all, we have paying clients whose work we already agreed to handle. We owe them our undivided attention.

If this sounds like your situation give us a call and ask for Katrina Phillip.