Iowa Workers’ Comp - Overriding the Adjuster’s Refusal of Medical Care

What should you do when the doctor who is treating you prescribes treatment, but the workers’ compensation adjuster won’t authorize it?

You call us and we file a petition for alternate medical care. CALL: 515-222-1110

While the insurance adjuster is allowed to authorize treatment they are not permitted to practice medicine, since they are not licensed to do so. We work for you to turn that “No” into “Yes”.

In today's case the post surgery physical therapy was refused. Iowa workers' compensation lawyer, Steve Lombardi puts his 30+ years of experience to work for the injured worker and uses the legal means available to get the authorization for the care.

Allow us to do the same for you. Follow the contact information on this site and we will help you to get the care you deserve. That way you can get healthy and get back to earning a living and supporting your family.

Steve Lombardi
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