Iowa WC - Do I Chose the Treating Physician?

In Iowa you do not get to choose who the treating physician will be. Under Iowa law the insurance company must pay for the care and under the current law they then get to choose who will treat the injured worker. There are legal mechanisms in place to take authorization and control away from the insurance company, but they have to have acted unreasonable to the degree that it's causing or is likely to cause the injured worker medical problems. We have filed over five petitions for alternate medical treatment in a single case and then were successful in getting a ruling taking the right to direct care away from the insurance company and their lawyer. 

This is an aggravating area of the law because adjusters with hardly any education or medical training like to micro manage the medical decisions. Physicians who allow this are lending their medical license to adjusters who have no right to practice medicine. My staff has been relentless in righting this wrong and I'm proud of the work we do for clients.

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