IBM, Professional License Issues and how to reduce your legal bill

Here are ten important considerations for you to think about when you’ve received or are likely to receive an inquiry from the Iowa Board of Medicine. This is a starting point and if right from the start you treat this event as critical you are likely to save money on your legal bill to defend your reputation and right to practice medicine.

  1. Hire someone early for advice about hot to limit your exposure.
  2. Sit down and think about the patient, the diagnosis, the prognosis, the care and any problems.
  3. Write out what you remember and provide only to your lawyer.
  4. Before you respond to the IBM’s investigator confer with an attorney.
  5. Don’t mistake the investigator being friendly with them being your friend. They only job is to find facts that support their case.
  6. Do not make any statement, either written or oral, to the IBM investigator without a lawyer first discussing the case with you.
  7. Don’t discuss the details of the situation with your partners before you meet with the lawyer.
  8. Check your professional liability policy to see if it covers attorney fees. In a recent case we saved the client about $15,000 in fees using the professional liability policy.
  9. Recognize the seriousness of signing the settlement agreement (the S.A.) it will affect your professional malpractice premiums, health insurance qualifications and professional designations with professional organizations you belong and that provide certifications.
  10. Do not underestimate the disruption the I.B.M. can cause to your future.

These are just ten ways for doctors with a problem before the Iowa Board of Medicine to limit their legal expenses. There are more but 10 are enough.

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