How to prepare for the recorded statement.

Preparing for the Recorded Statement - Attorney Steve Lombardi outlines how you should prepare for giving a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster. After a day of preparing his client following a motorcycle accident they visit the scene three times, and then they do the following. 
  1. Police Report
  2. Photographs of the accident scene or visit the accident scene
  3. Review all measurements of the skid marks
  4. Review the damage repair estimate to fix your car, truck or motorcycle
  5. Visit the scene
  6. Check the speed limit on the road/accident report
  7. Review the liability aspects of your case
  8. Review the damage aspects of your case/ list of medical service providers
  9. Review possible questions with your attorney
  10. Review the 8 Simple Rules on my website

​Are you ready for your recorded statement?

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