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If you were personally injured in an accident the Lombardi Law Firm may be able to help you to received fair compensation. Before you call the adjuster to give a recorded statement, call us, hire us to teach you how not to ruin your chance of being fairly compensated. If the hospital, ambulance service or doctor’s offices keep calling and you don’t know what to say to make them stop, again, call us and we will make them stop.

We handle car, truck, semi-tractor, motorcycle, drunk-driver, ATV, bicycle, golf carts, pedestrian, boat, accidents at homes or businesses, agricultural, farm-related and workers' compensation accidents. If someone has been injured we have certainly handled it.

We have handled injury claims of accidents that happened on the interstate highways, at the work place, at a home, a business, in a boat, on the water, on farms, personal residences, at golf courses, public buildings, ice arenas, convention centers, on a street, a road, on gravel roads, at bars, in the break-down lane, and almost every other place except the Moon.

We understand personal injury, wrongful death and workers’ compensation because we have been doing it for over 37 years.

My law firm has been in the business of helping injured people for over 35 years. We are a boutique law firm, helping people, rather than companies. We focus on helping you get treated fairly. To do that we need the right evidence and that never comes easily, when those controlling the production of evidence are not familiar with the law and what is required.

Today, most cases settle long before trial, but that requires controlling the case following the accident. We explain what you need to do to protect yourself, your family and most of all, your right to seek fairness. A judge once told me, this is not a system of justice, it is a legal system. Meaning fairness is not guaranteed. And especially not for those who sit back on their laurels assuming they will be treated fairly and given justice.

No one really likes the idea of hiring lawyers. After all, if you need to hire a lawyer it usually means something bad has happened. Well, that is what a personal injury accident is, it is something bad happening to you.

But we are here to help you with that. The Lombardi Law Firm is here to help you make it right. We do not take on every case or even every client. Like I said, we are a boutique law firm taking on only what we like and what we feel strongly about.

Let the Lombardi Law Firm assist you with your accident claim, your personal injury and your right to receive compensation from the insurance companies.

Don’t be denied. Call today and help us to help you.

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