Are You Getting Paid The Proper Amount For Your Workers' Compensation Claim?

Am I being paid the right weekly compensation rate?

This is fact. You get hurt at work or while you were doing your job off the work-site and after seeing a doctor you are taken off of work.

How do I calculate the right weekly compensation rate?

Weekly compensation is sometimes called ‘weekly indemnity payments’. Indemnity is the paycheck you get paid each and every week while the doctor has you off of work.

If, after a work injury, the doctor takes you off of work, and you still are not receiving a paycheck from the insurance company, then something is wrong.

What is your average gross weekly wage?

The way you receive the right amount is by doing the math. And that is not as easy as it might seem. So how do you do the math? Collect the right documents, then make the necessary calculations. Do that and then you have a number, that number should be the right gross weekly wage. To come up with the right gross weekly wage it is necessary to sort the weeks, eliminate the non-representative paychecks, add in the right ones, add them all up, divide by the right number and then look at the sum.


Are you beginning to understand why mistakes are often made in calculating the correct weekly compensation rate? It is not straight-forward and requires digging.

If you think, you are not getting paid enough, based on what you were paid at work, contact the Lombardi Law Firm.

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