I'm Here To Help You Get The Workers' Compensation Settlement You Deserve

Workers’ compensation problems are not for everyone. Lawyers are like most people. Our personalities dictate a lot of what we end up doing in the law. For me, I come from a long line of working stiffs, blue collar workers who earned their living doing manual labor.

I like work. With my hands, and using a hammer, a screwdriver and a tape measure. Some lawyers come from a long line of lawyers and judges. Unfortunately that doesn’t necessarily make them fit for dealing with blue collar problems. The hand-holding that goes on in workers’ compensation seems to be an endless string of problems that starts day-one and ends on the day you settle. And in between its war.

After the 2017 Iowa legislature created hurdle after hurdle after hurdle to destroy the Iowa workers compensation system, we will only be handling a limited number of work comp cases. Call us if you think your case merits legal assistance. 

Steve Lombardi
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