How Do You Know When You Need An Attorney?

Iowa's Premiere Personal Injury LawyersNot everyone needs to hire an attorney. But every claim involving serious personal injury does require an attorney to present the case for both settlement discussions and for a trial. You may ask why that is, and the answer lies in knowing what you are entitled to receive and why.

The law is complicated. Understanding the law of damages is even more complicated. And appreciating the medical evidence even more so.

Taking a step backward, you cannot get a credible medical opinion without the right evidence. And if you have failed to gather and to preserve the available evidence you have missed out on a major value-added idea in case-valuation.

We have gathered and preserved evidence for so long that it is second-nature to what we do. We would like to help you with your case and offer you the opportunity find out if what we do.

It does not cost you anything to talk with us about your claim. We do not charge for initial discussions and then all cases are taken on a contingent fee basis with us advancing all litigation costs. Medical and neurological evaluations, reports and testimonial depositions isn’t something a layperson can seriously attempt.

Serious personal injury cases include accidents involving death, disability, surgery, brain damage, spinal cord injuries, loss of a limb, loss of eyesight, paraplegia, quadriplegia and neurologic disorders.

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