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We have been assisting working people with accidental death claims for over 38 years. Allow us to help to get fair compensation. This includes life insurance claims that are denied. We help beneficiaries get what they were intended to receive when being named as a beneficiary on someone's life insurance policy. 

Accidents include injury and death from collisions involving cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, ATV's, scooters, mopeds, pedestrians, passengers in all vehicles and from falls. 

  1. Do not depend on luck or guessing to enforce your rights.
  2. Do not assume just because you tell the truth you will be treated fairly.
  3. Do not assume the adjuster being friendly, means they are your friend.
  4. Do not assume what you say today will not be twisted and used against you.
  5. Do not make the mistake of thinking a sad story will win you points with an adjuster.
  6. Do not assume anyone is preserving the evidence you need to prove your claim.
  7. Do not assume delay in processing your claim is common.
  8. Do not assume delay in processing your claim is something you should not be worried about.
  9. Do not assume a lawyer is unnecessary. 
  10. Do not assume you will be treated fairly.
  11. Do not be naive and think your claim is about fairness.
  12. Do not be passive.
  13. Do not assume the insurance claim adjuster or supervisor is on your side. 
  14. Do not assume the claim's processor thinks like you do, that this money is yours.
  15. Do not assume anything.

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