10 Stages of an IBM Investigation after a Patient Complaint

Iowa Board of Medicine ComplaintStages of a Complaint

1.    Patient or Hospital Complaint to doctor, the hospital or the clinic.

2.    Complaint filed with the IBM. - Can be patient or hospital or your partners.

3.    Initial Letter from the IBM - Interview Request. Do Not Be Fooled, this is no investigation.

4.    Investigation & Interview - Intended to Shore Up the IBM's case

5.    Univ of Iowa Experts - Secretive and not shared,

6.    Complaint - Not shared.

7.    IBM's Letter with SA - Sign or we file charges

8.    Public Charges Filed

9.    Discovery to S&A

10.  Hearing

Conclusion - You need representation early just to slow the process down to a pace and to know about what you are dealing. You need someone to prepare you to be interviewed. You need information in order to respond in the proper context. You need to know when to request a copy of the complaint and the medical records that support the complaint.

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