Unemployment Leads to Work Comp and Discrimination Claims

Unemployment and Workers' CompensationI had contacted Katrina Phillips of the Lombardi law firm for representation of an unemployment claim I was planning to appeal.  I had explained the issues I had pertaining to my unemployment case when I first met with Katrina and after reviewing my case and documentation, she agreed to represent me thru the unemployment appeal process.

Both of us not expecting the full blown discovery requests of interrogatories and depositions which were requested by the employer’s counsel, Katrina still stayed with my case even though the agreed upon retainer for the appeal had already been exhausted,  other previous attorneys would not help me any longer once my retainer ran out and left me without any help.

Katrina understood the issues that I felt were important and my concerns that I had explained to her that I felt I had not been treated fairly by my employer, and that I believed possible violations of the law had also occurred.

The employer’s law firm was a very well-known, top employment law firm in the state, after postponement after postponement by the employer I was finally able to have my unemployment appeal hearing heard with an in person hearing in front of an ALJ as I had requested.

During the hearing Katrina brought up both state and federal regulations that were violated pertaining to my case, she also brought out statements that the employer had declared during the initial fact finding interview and showed that those statements by the employer were in fact wrong, and that the employer had been dishonest in the previous hearing, and currently being dishonest during the current appeal hearing. She did not allow the employer’s counsel to ask me inappropriate questions and she objected to the improper accusations that the employer had tried to falsely accuse me of.

Katrina was outstanding in cross examination of the employer’s HR director and thru that cross examination the ALJ was easily able to determine that numerous regulations were violated, and that I had been terminated for no disqualifying reason and that I was eligible for benefits.

The hours she spent putting together my case, all the discovery, DOT regulations, state and federal laws, all this after I had already exhausted my retainer, shows she is not the kind of person to leave someone hanging, when she has a good case she goes all the way by being very prepared and allowed her to destroy the employer’s claim. Thru out all her work and the violations she exposed, it has allowed me to proceed in Federal Court with 2 different tort claims for wrongful termination and violations of drug testing regulations by the employer. She took on big business employment law firm and exposed everything I had assumed, the working man won that dayJ

Lombardi law firm is the best, they have treated me great and they have gone over and beyond everything I had expected.

William Searcy

West Des Moines, Iowa.

William Searcy