An over-the-road truck driver, injured in a single-vehicle accident paid $415,000 in lump-sum Iowa settlement.

Iowa Workers' Compensation SettlementI want to thank Steve and his staff, Katrina and Barbara who all worked very hard for me.
I was in an accident that the company was self insured. They basically had me guessing what they were going to try next over 10 years and two other lawyers. I met Steve when he was stepping in to do a deposition. I was so impressed with the questions he asked and the sincere concern he had for me and my case.
I immediately hired him because I felt like I was in limbo waiting months or years to hear from other lawyers that worked my case. In the end Steve made sure I was taken care of so I could live my life with the extent of my injuries and not have to worry. I also found a friend who still checks on his clients to see what and how they are doing in life. Thanks again!DD, from Ledbetter, Kentucky