Do you think it is only about the money?

Twelve years have passed, and I assure you my young Jerrica is not turning in her grave. As I age I come to realize more and more just how far people will go to defend a wrong. I did not tell anyone that it was about money, Jourdan was not there the night that Jerrica cut her foot at our home and there was no need for us to lie about anything. We accepted what the courts handed us and we picked up what pieces we had left of our life and began the journey of trying to find a way to build a life in this "Jerrica's gone" life. It hasn't been easy and it took time to be able to forgive all of the "misinformation" that was given by a family that I unfortunately thought my daughter would be safe with. In twelve years I've not bashed anyone to the media nor have I used any of my time healing to condemn the defendants; not because I don't believe that the actions and decisions that ended my daughters life were, in fact, completed with no regard to her health and welfare. The reason is she did no wrong, we wanted the person who was found responsible (according to the courts) for Jerrica's death to know what she did, to admit the wrong and to take responsibility for the life that ended before it had begun really. As you can see by that above message, and I have known by the emails, facebook posts and whispers...even 12 years later...that while I will continue to heal, and you Steve did get us the piece of the puzzle that we needed the very most - her being found responsible ... the story can't end there, it will never be allowed to. Thank you for posting the kindnesses that you did about Jerrica, it does my heart good to know that she has her own little fan club in you and in a way she touched you as she did so many others. Thanks for all you continue to do for people like my family, that seek justice and come to find out that you will do more than that, you will leave them with a sense of peace that is so very important in beginning to heal.
Teri Phelan-Ruden