Some clients feel compelled to tell us we are doing things right. When that happens we may pass it on to you. We are not always able to assist everyone who requests our services. Some potential clients don't have a case that we can recommend. That doesn't mean we don't respect their right to pursue and to have a case review. We strive to educate even when we are unable to assist them legally by taking their case.

Our clients are and will remain important to us as human beings. We appreciate the civil justice system is not able to do everything for everyone. Money damages are not the complete answer to anyone's losses. There is the emotional side of those losses which we recognize and try to assist you with the necessary emotional adjustments.

Here is what a few of our clients have written to us.

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  • Pre-deposition Meetings to Prepare

    Hi, My name is Nancy. I was looking at your information on your website because my friend is scheduled for a deposition in March as well as his ex-girlfriend, the mother of the child, for a family law case. My boyfriend has sent several emails since the beginning of the year in an attempt to meet or speak with the attorney regarding the case but the attorney has not responded. We were looking for information to find out what we could do to postpone the deposition so that he can seek new counsel. Your website was very informative. Thanks. Attorney Lombardi: If your lawyer is not preparing you for the deposition, you need a new lawyer. If your lawyer says, "Just tell the truth." they have not adequately prepared you for the day of the deposition. Law does not lend itself to DIY. Attorney, Steve Lombardi