Client's Case Review - On to medical school...

May 27, 2014

Case Review by Jillian S. Shannon

            At twenty-seven years old, I had not needed an attorney and quite frankly didn't think I would ever need one. “I am a strong woman; I can defend myself”, or so I thought. 

 Working as a sales rep for a major fortune 500 company and utilizing their gift of a corporate vehicle was a great asset, however; it also came with a price.

Most of the time the perks and benefits of being in sales were very rewarding; unit it came to an unexpected car accident.

A typical (or not so typical), Tuesday afternoon I was heading to an appointment when I out of nowhere, I was side swiped at 45 mph and was sent spinning in a 360 degree circle.

Afterward, I couldn’t move my neck but was really just grateful to have my limbs still attached and to be breathing.

When it came time for analysis and treatment, my fancy fortune 500 company wasn’t so fancy after all. The bells and whistles of corporate American can’t come to the rescue when your health is in jeopardy.

This is where Mr. Steve Lombardi came in. Steve fought hard, tooth and nail for me until I was given a sufficient doctor. I had a torn rotator cuff and the outdated orthopedic physician that I was mandated to, quickly dismissed me and said you can adjust to reduced range of motion and physical limitations. He then released me with a seven percent loss of arm use.

I’m an avid runner, golfer, swimmer, and hiker. This seven percent loss wasn’t seven percent at all. To me, it was one hundred percent loss because my quality of life was no longer what it was. I couldn’t sleep through the night, get dressed, lift up five-pound objects, let alone continue the sports and active life that I lived.

With Steve’s ruthless tyranny and avid fight for justice within my case, I was given the proper doctor, treatment, and surgery that was necessary to allow me the gift of functioning again as an active young lady.

I am now in my second year of medical school and cannot begin to explain how grateful I am to Steve and his staff for committing to my case and not giving up when a solution seemed non-existent.  I am very much looking forward to the day when I too become a physician and I anticipate working with patients to get them to optimal health and run from sub par health treatment and therapies.

I respect Steve Lombardi very much and would highly recommend anyone to hire him, as you can be sure he will fight hard for you as a client. 

Jillian S. Shannon