Car Accident Diminished Value Paid!

I want to thank the Lombardi Law Firm for my personal property and diminished value claim.  I was involved in an accident in a new car that was only one month old.  There was roughly $14,000 damage on a $26,000 automobile and the other party was at fault.  The other party’s insurance company elected to fix the car even though both air bags had deployed.  I knew this car was going to be marked, not necessarily the title, but by Carfax reports and other vehicle reports out there, which would ultimately reflect the trade-in value price.  I typically trade every couple years.  The insurance company’s adjustor stated that they do not pay diminished value claims.  The insurance company did pay diminished value after Lombardi Law Firm represented me. 

If I wouldn’t have contacted Lombardi Law Firm, I would have been another statistic, with a devalued vehicle and would have had a significant loss when I traded the vehicle in.  I feel this was a win made possible by Lombardi Law Firm and would recommend this firm to anyone.  They are very responsive and keep you informed of what is being done.




T.M. (Minnesota)