Some clients feel compelled to tell us we are doing things right. When that happens we may pass it on to you. We are not always able to assist everyone who requests our services. Some potential clients don't have a case that we can recommend. That doesn't mean we don't respect their right to pursue and to have a case review. We strive to educate even when we are unable to assist them legally by taking their case.

Our clients are and will remain important to us as human beings. We appreciate the civil justice system is not able to do everything for everyone. Money damages are not the complete answer to anyone's losses. There is the emotional side of those losses which we recognize and try to assist you with the necessary emotional adjustments.

Here is what a few of our clients have written to us.

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  • Unemployment Leads to Work Comp and Discrimination Claims

    I had contacted Katrina Phillips of the Lombardi law firm for representation of an unemployment claim I was planning to appeal.  I had explained the issues I had pertaining to my unemployment case when I first met with Katrina and after reviewing my case and documentation, she agreed to represent me thru the unemployment appeal process. Both of us not expecting the full blown discovery requests of interrogatories and depositions which were requested by the employer’s counsel, Katrina still stayed with my case even though the agreed upon retainer for the appeal had already been exhausted,  other previous attorneys would not help me any longer once my retainer ran out and left me without any help. Katrina understood the issues that I felt were important and my concerns that I had explained to her that I felt I had not been treated fairly by my employer, and that I believed possible violations of the law had also occurred. The employer’s law firm was a very well-known, top employment law firm in the state, after postponement after postponement by the employer I was finally able to have my unemployment appeal hearing heard with an in person hearing in front of an ALJ as I had requested. During the hearing Katrina brought up both state and federal regulations that were violated pertaining to my case, she also brought out statements that the employer had declared during the initial fact finding interview and showed that those statements by the employer were in fact wrong, and that the employer had been dishonest in the previous hearing, and currently being dishonest during the current appeal hearing. She did not allow the employer’s counsel to ask me inappropriate questions and she objected to the improper accusations that the employer had tried to falsely accuse me of. Katrina was outstanding in cross examination of the employer’s HR director and thru that cross examination the ALJ was easily able to determine that numerous regulations were violated, and that I had been terminated for no disqualifying reason and that I was eligible for benefits. The hours she spent putting together my case, all the discovery, DOT regulations, state and federal laws, all this after I had already exhausted my retainer, shows she is not the kind of person to leave someone hanging, when she has a good case she goes all the way by being very prepared and allowed her to destroy the employer’s claim. Thru out all her work and the violations she exposed, it has allowed me to proceed in Federal Court with 2 different tort claims for wrongful termination and violations of drug testing regulations by the employer. She took on big business employment law firm and exposed everything I had assumed, the working man won that dayJ Lombardi law firm is the best, they have treated me great and they have gone over and beyond everything I had expected. William Searcy West Des Moines, Iowa.

    William Searcy
  • An over-the-road truck driver, injured in a single-vehicle accident paid $415,000 in lump-sum Iowa settlement. Attorney Lombardi

    I want to thank Steve and his staff, Katrina and Barbara who all worked very hard for me. I was in an accident that the company was self insured. They basically had me guessing what they were going to try next over 10 years and two other lawyers. I met Steve when he was stepping in to do a deposition. I was so impressed with the questions he asked and the sincere concern he had for me and my case. I immediately hired him because I felt like I was in limbo waiting months or years to hear from other lawyers that worked my case. In the end Steve made sure I was taken care of so I could live my life with the extent of my injuries and not have to worry. I also found a friend who still checks on his clients to see what and how they are doing in life. Thanks again!

    DD, from Ledbetter, Kentucky
  • This injured grandmother with two adopted grandchildren, needed out help

    Steve,   I had been involved in a workers compensation claim for a little bit more than a year and things were getting very serious. I had been told I had CRPS and was really scared what would happen now with my claim.   I searched the internet for a lawyer and came across Steve Lombardi and read through everything on his website trying to decide if I should call.   I was so thoroughly impressed with everything he said that I did call and it was the best decision of my life!    Steve was straight forward with me and walked me through the process and fought so very hard for me and my family. He even took over my son's case when he needed help for a car accident.   He is knowledgeable about CRPS. And that was very important to my case! I WILL never be able to thank him, Barbara, and Katrina enough for ALL they have done for me. You all have went above and beyond the call of duty! I cannot thank you enough!! You have become family to us...   LJW

  • Injured at work, can't get work comp to accept the claim. Needed surgery, but being ignored by everyone, including the doctors. What could I do? I contacted Lombardi Law and together they got me $375,000.00.

    I was hurt on the job in 2011. As a general laborer in the union I worked with heavy machinery and injured both my shoulders. The employer would not authorize surgery or even refer me for treatment. I was miserable and knew I needed help. After I contacted Lombardi Law Firm in 2014, both shoulders received the medical care, including surgery, that I needed and within months I was in physical therapy trying to get back to being able to work. Lombardi Law Firm fought for me and never took no for an answer. My case settled for more money than I have ever seen in my life. They told me what I needed to know and how to make this a case. They are the best! If you need help with your worker’s compensation case, there is only one law firm to call: Lombardi Law Firm.  

  • Diminished value claim paid after car accident and new car repaired.

    I want to thank the Lombardi Law Firm for my personal property and diminished value claim.  I was involved in an accident in a new car that was only one month old.  There was roughly $14,000 damage on a $26,000 automobile and the other party was at fault.  The other party’s insurance company elected to fix the car even though both air bags had deployed.  I knew this car was going to be marked, not necessarily the title, but by Carfax reports and other vehicle reports out there, which would ultimately reflect the trade-in value price.  I typically trade every couple years.  The insurance company’s adjustor stated that they do not pay diminished value claims.  The insurance company did pay diminished value after Lombardi Law Firm represented me.  If I wouldn’t have contacted Lombardi Law Firm, I would have been another statistic, with a devalued vehicle and would have had a significant loss when I traded the vehicle in.  I feel this was a win made possible by Lombardi Law Firm and would recommend this firm to anyone.  They are very responsive and keep you informed of what is being done.  Sincerely, T.M. Minnesota

    T.M. (Minnesota)
  • The Lombardi Law Firm helped an Iowa employee win his unemployment appeal.

    A recent client came to us after his employer terminated him without giving a concrete reason for doing so at the time of termination, yet stating in the fact-finding interview that he engaged in misconduct.  The initial fact-finder denied this person benefits due to this allegation of misconduct.  He then came to us to help him in his appeal.  We assist various Iowa employees like him win their unemployment appeals in cases of alleged misconduct and we can help you reach a favorable outcome too.   "I found Steve and Katrina online and I am glad I did.  My former employee was making it difficult to get my deserved unemployment benefits.  After a meeting with them, I was put on the right path to get things corrected.  They are easy to talk to and understand the difficulties involved with these situations.  Highly recommend their services."

    Mark, Des Moines
  • In Brief Article, Medical Billing: Tricks of the Trade Part II. Steve, It was well written and very helpful - even here in Texas. RS

    In Brief Article, Medical Billing: Tricks of the Trade Part II. Steve, It was well written and very helpful - even here in Texas. GodSpeed! RS from Texas   Comment from Steve: There are many things a good lawyer can do for you as a client. Some work consistently over time and this is one of them. Steve Lombardi

    RS, from Texas
  • At twenty-seven years old, I had not needed an attorney and quite frankly didn't think I would ever need one. “I am a strong woman; I can defend myself”, or so I thought.

    May 27, 2014 Case Review by Jillian S. Shannon             At twenty-seven years old, I had not needed an attorney and quite frankly didn't think I would ever need one. “I am a strong woman; I can defend myself”, or so I thought.   Working as a sales rep for a major fortune 500 company and utilizing their gift of a corporate vehicle was a great asset, however; it also came with a price. Most of the time the perks and benefits of being in sales were very rewarding; unit it came to an unexpected car accident. A typical (or not so typical), Tuesday afternoon I was heading to an appointment when I out of nowhere, I was side swiped at 45 mph and was sent spinning in a 360 degree circle. Afterward, I couldn’t move my neck but was really just grateful to have my limbs still attached and to be breathing. When it came time for analysis and treatment, my fancy fortune 500 company wasn’t so fancy after all. The bells and whistles of corporate American can’t come to the rescue when your health is in jeopardy. This is where Mr. Steve Lombardi came in. Steve fought hard, tooth and nail for me until I was given a sufficient doctor. I had a torn rotator cuff and the outdated orthopedic physician that I was mandated to, quickly dismissed me and said you can adjust to reduced range of motion and physical limitations. He then released me with a seven percent loss of arm use. I’m an avid runner, golfer, swimmer, and hiker. This seven percent loss wasn’t seven percent at all. To me, it was one hundred percent loss because my quality of life was no longer what it was. I couldn’t sleep through the night, get dressed, lift up five-pound objects, let alone continue the sports and active life that I lived. With Steve’s ruthless tyranny and avid fight for justice within my case, I was given the proper doctor, treatment, and surgery that was necessary to allow me the gift of functioning again as an active young lady. I am now in my second year of medical school and cannot begin to explain how grateful I am to Steve and his staff for committing to my case and not giving up when a solution seemed non-existent.  I am very much looking forward to the day when I too become a physician and I anticipate working with patients to get them to optimal health and run from sub par health treatment and therapies. I respect Steve Lombardi very much and would highly recommend anyone to hire him, as you can be sure he will fight hard for you as a client. 

    Jillian S. Shannon
  • Steve and his wonderful staff can help you just as they helped me. Call him. 515-222-1110

    If you were injured on the job and are unsure of your rights or how to move forward with the life changes you are now facing due to the physical or mental impairments you encountered; I would highly recommend Attorney Steve Lombardi of the Lombardi Law Firm located in West Des Moines.  Steve and his staff treated me with respect and dignity as I faced the many physical changes I was now confronted with through the injuries I sustained at my employment. Steve and his wonderful staff supported me by listened to my concerns, they answered all my questions, kept me up to date on the process of my claim, stood by and represented me through the Workman's Compensation process as well as advocating for me through the Mediation process to ensure that I received a financial award equal to my loss of future potential earnings.  Steve and his staff will definitely treat you with the care and respect you deserve! I highly recommend them.   Sincerely, Debra Letscher   

    Deb Letscher
  • Wrongful death? A minor? What we do in litigation is not always about money. More important when your loved on dies you want straight answers. And that is more important than any money.

    Twelve years have passed, and I assure you my young Jerrica is not turning in her grave. As I age I come to realize more and more just how far people will go to defend a wrong. I did not tell anyone that it was about money, Jourdan was not there the night that Jerrica cut her foot at our home and there was no need for us to lie about anything. We accepted what the courts handed us and we picked up what pieces we had left of our life and began the journey of trying to find a way to build a life in this "Jerrica's gone" life. It hasn't been easy and it took time to be able to forgive all of the "misinformation" that was given by a family that I unfortunately thought my daughter would be safe with. In twelve years I've not bashed anyone to the media nor have I used any of my time healing to condemn the defendants; not because I don't believe that the actions and decisions that ended my daughters life were, in fact, completed with no regard to her health and welfare. The reason is she did no wrong, we wanted the person who was found responsible (according to the courts) for Jerrica's death to know what she did, to admit the wrong and to take responsibility for the life that ended before it had begun really. As you can see by that above message, and I have known by the emails, facebook posts and whispers...even 12 years later...that while I will continue to heal, and you Steve did get us the piece of the puzzle that we needed the very most - her being found responsible ... the story can't end there, it will never be allowed to. Thank you for posting the kindnesses that you did about Jerrica, it does my heart good to know that she has her own little fan club in you and in a way she touched you as she did so many others. Thanks for all you continue to do for people like my family, that seek justice and come to find out that you will do more than that, you will leave them with a sense of peace that is so very important in beginning to heal.

    Teri Phelan-Ruden