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We will, from time to time, add resources that support our practice areas, clients and potential clients. The goal is to promote safety in your life, or if injured to assist you to collect from the party that is legally liable. We aren't here for the insurance industry, which in my mind is interested mainly in promoting the float, and that means delay, delay and more delay. Anyone with any history of dealing with the insurance industry knows that I'm right. The entire industry is designed around the concept of delay.

Each adjuster has more files than they can reasonable manage; those same adjusters lacks authority to settle cases and are given low monetary levels of authority; above those adjusters are layers of management that further slow down the process and no decision is made until you are virtually standing at the steps of the courthouse. Simply put the insurance industry promotes the float.

For people delay isn't in their best interest. What is in their interest is getting paid wage loss, medical reimbursement and something for pain/suffering so they can catch up on the bills after suffering a serious injury that takes them out of the work. This resource page is for you too.

Over time I have expanded this website to include areas that serve my clients and interest me. Many people use the deposition preparation section to better understand what they will face when being questioned in a deposition. Feel free to do so, but please write for me a testimonial about your experience and whether or not my suggestions were helpful. I'm here to help with serious personal injuries including cases where the injuries include brain damage, paraplegia and quadriplegia. Help me to help you so call early, right after the accident - even if just to get some direction about whether and when you need to hire a lawyer. I'm always willing to listen. Contact information - 515-222-1110 or [email protected]

Drunk Driving Accidents

Motorcycle, Bike And ATV Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents & Injuries

Car & Property Damage

Truck And Tractor Trailer Accidents

Workers' Compensation & Employee Rights

  • The Workwear Store - Carthartt

    At The Workwear Store, we sell only Carhartt clothing products. We believe in providing our customers with the best quality in men's and women's workwear, outerwear and protective clothing. Carhartt workwear products deliver the quality construction and durability that our customers have come to expect.

  • OSHA on Sodium Hydroxide

  • Employment Law and Workers' Compensation War Stories

    Employerbrief provides latest information on social media, employment law, workers' compensation and other important workplace issues. This is a nice looking site, easy to navigate with interesting stories about work place issues and law. 

  • 2006 Wind Turbine Accident Compilation, Craig

    Compiles articles about fatal windturbine accidents. 

  • Iowa Workers' Compensation

    Search the Workers' Compensation website for decisions, laws, agency rules, staff information and more.

  • Safety Lex

    Every wonder what news is out there concerning safety in your workplace, or with the toy your child has in it's mouth or on construction sites? Look no further to see safety news from around the world.

  • Workers' Comp Insider

    It's been said to keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Want to know what the other side is thinking? They call it cost control or cost containment. It's Lynch Ryan's weblog about workers' compensation from the defense perspective.

  • Iowa work place injuries

    Discussions about most anything of a personal injury nature including news about work place injuries and the causes.

Property & Real Estate Injuries

Blawgs and Blogs

Criminal Court

  • OWI - CDL - OWI and Losing a CDL

    Driving while intoxicated results in severe consequences for the driver. In Iowa, the minimum fine if convicted of an OWI is $1000, and will result in a 180 day license suspension.  There may also be a 48 hour jail time requirement, but could extend to one year depending on the seriousness of the offense and damage.

Farmers and Ag Law

Government Sources

  • USA.Gov

    Do you have a question about how the US government works or doesn't work? Go to USA.Gov and you may find the answer to your question.

  • Activity in Congress

    Want to know what's going on in Congress? Me neither but sometimes you just have to know. Here is a list of floor activity from the previous legislative day, floor actions, the Daily Digest; you can search the Congressional Record along with many more search options.

  • The White House - The Red Phone!

    You awoke this morning madder then Hell and want to give the President a piece of your mind. Well cool off and then you can send the President and email.

Law Firms In and Outside of Iowa

News Sources

  • The Des Moines Register Newspaper

    A list of the Register staff blogs is accessible through this link.

  • US Newspapers

    Interested in finding out what newspapers are published in the US? Here is where you can find a list of the world news sources categorized by Africa, Caribbean, Central America, Europe, the United Kingdom, North America, South America and the South Pacific. There is an additional search option for World Newspapers.

Property and Real Estate Law

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