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Injury or death caused by property/real estate defects or by the unsupervised activity on a property result in millions of insurance claims throughout the United States and in Iowa. Insurance claims for loss by weather, car accidents, truck collisions or vandalism result in lawsuits by homeowners against large insurance companies like State Farm,Premises Injury Farm Bureau and Nationwide. Landlord and tenant relations in Iowa are covered by the Residential Landlord and Tenant Act; this code chapter sets out rules and regulates the relationship between landlord and tenant affecting mostly college students but also city dwellers and young farm families; it also sets the minimum standards for quality to protect against personal injury. Commercial leases are another area that Attorney Lombardi is qualified to practice. Not only is he a licensed attorney with 30 years experience, but a commercial property owner with management experience and is a licensed real estate broker.

What Type Of Cases Are Included In Personal Injury Claims?

Beyond personal injury caused by property defect there are lawyer related issues that come about from what people do. These are security related issues for which the owner or commercial lessees have certain responsibilities. Some businesses invite people onto the property and those invited cause injury (or the death) to another person; in these personal injury situations the landlord or business owner can be legally liable (responsible).

These can include and of the following:

  1. Drunken brawls at bars.
  2. Drunks leaving the bar and causing injury or death of another.
  3. Guests at a hotel, motel or apartment house being raped by staff or intruders.
  4. Children playing or horsing around and injuring another child or an adult.
  5. Adults engaging in some dangerous activity while drinking alcohol or just not being safe.
  6. Using an ATV on somebody's property that causes injury or death.
  7. Mobile home fires and code violations.
  8. Apartment security, slip-fall, trip-fall and construction related injury.
  9. There are many supervisory type injury cases so call us if you have a question.
  10. Gas fires and explosions. 

Lawyers refer to this area as premise liability and laypeople know it mostly through their homeowner’s insurance policy while farmers through their farm operation insurance policy. Attorney Lombardi handles all of the above.

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