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Results Of Motorcycle AccidentEvery year since 1981, this firm has handled motorcycle, bicycle and ATV accidents for Iowa clients. Injured people need us and we are here to help them. Every accident is different and requires a unique approach to maximizing the recovery. We focus only on SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY CASES. Last year, one of our client's case settled for $6.1 million. At least 50 client cases were resolved and each involved clients who suffered an accident with serious personal injury. The more serious injury cases usually involve semi-trucks, high-speed collisions, bikes, ATVs, and motorcycles definitely seem to be in this category.


Motorcycle, ATV and bicycle collisions are different than car and truck accidents. They can be unique accidents in several ways. Because it is a motorcycle, bike or ATV, everyone wants to blame the rider and driver, but especially the rider - but not the car driver. Damages can be catastrophic and often include broken bones, head trauma, traumatic brain injury, death, loss of limbs, loss of a limb and a whole lot of road rash. Most of these cases require several experts just to set up the liability portion of the case. Damage experts normally include trauma surgeons, emergency room doctors and orthopedic surgeons. We handle it all, just like we have done for the past thirty-five plus years.

Attorney Katrina PhillipBikes, motorcycles and ATV's are fast, quick and agile. And of course, motorcycles or bikes can result in fatal accidents. Since they are smaller than cars and a lot smaller than trucks, motorcycles and bikes are claimed to be hard to see.  Most accidents with cycles are caused by drivers failing to yield the right of way.  In 2006, approximately three-fourth's of motorcycle accidents involved another vehicle and most were caused by the other driver.  Since the motorcycle rider is exposed, the riders are far more likely to experience serious personal injury, including brain or spinal cord injuries, broken bones, loss of limbs, abrasions, and even death. This firm has handled each of these types of injuries or death. The costs of medical care to treat injuries, but especially a brain injury, quadriplegia, or paraplegia, can be enormous. If you have a serious injury we would like to speak with you about your case as close to the accident as possible.


Handling hospital bills and insurance claims is technical and requires knowledge of the right laws. Are you tired of not getting answers and feeling like you’re getting the run-a-round? Are you tired of bill collectors hounding you to pay the ambulance bill? Hospital bills? Doctor's bill? 

If you are injured in a motorcycle, ATV or bicycle accident anywhere in Iowa, call Steve Lombardi or Katrina Phillip of the Lombardi Law Firm, attorneys with motorcycle accident experience. We can help you.  With 35 plus years of experience in the courts, Steve is very knowledgeable about personal injury law and well equipped with the best way to approach the courts to get the result you will need.



In motorcycle, bike, and ATV crashes, injuries are common in the head and neck area. Broken necks can cause quadriplegia, lower level spine compression can cause paraplegia. And of course skull fractures can cause brain injuries lasting a lifetime.  Many states have accordingly mandated helmet laws (think of them as being similar to safety belts in cars).  Iowa does not mandate helmets, but permits riders to choose to wear or not wear a helmet.  Statistics obtained from the 1994 Motorcycle Statistical Annual, Motorcycle Industry Council, however, show that the numbers of injuries and fatalities were actually greater for states with mandatory helmet laws.

Attorney Steve LombardiHelmet laws or no helmet laws, all age issues aside, the bottom line is that the number of motorcycle-related fatalities has increased dramatically since 1997.  The fatality rate per 100 million was 20.99 in 1997; by 2004, that number had almost doubled to 39.89 (2,116 deaths in 1997 compared to 4,008 in 2004).  Take into account that there are almost 2 million more registered motorcycle riders in the country, but comparatively, the number of vehicle miles traveled has not increased, and it becomes clear that motorcycle riders face a severe problem.  When you ride a motorcycle, you face a significant risk of being seriously injured.


If you should find yourself involved in a motorcycle, bike, or ATV accident in Iowa, don’t wait. In the state of Iowa, personal injury claims must be brought to court within two years.

Contact us online or call us directly at 515.222.1110 for your free consultation. It’s essential to have an experienced motorcycle accident attorney on your side to fight for your rights, to help you recoup lost pay, and to help you pay for the medical bills incurred by a potentially severe injury. You have the right to be justly compensated for injuries caused by the negligence of another. 

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