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Injured In A Car Accident? Know Your Rights.

If you’re suffering from pain resulting from a car accident the first thing you need to do is talk with an expereinced personal injury lawyer. Finding the right lawyer is one phone call away. We file a many personal injury lawsuits every year. We file suit in order to get you the award you deserve.

Filing A Claim After A Car Accident

If you have insurance coverage,  first place your insurance company on notice of the accident by calling the agent; also most insurance companies have a toll free number to report an accident. If you don't have insurance stop talking to the other driver and, as mentioned above, called a skilled car accident attorney. But before you provide a recorded statement talk with us. You won't be sorry.Injured In A Car Accident

Here at the Lombardi Law Firm we are dedicated to working with you to ensure the other driver’s insurance company, doesn’t attempt to strong-arm you into settling for less than what your injuries are worth after blaming you. We understand how insurance adjusters work when it comes to car accidents, and frankly, we know there goal is to pay you the least amount of money for your personal injury claim.

  • The attorneys of the Lombardi Law Firm are able to assist you with all of the following involving your case and more:
  • Photographs to show the damage to the vehicles.
  • Photographs of the cars, trucks or motorcycles involved
  • Photographs of the location of the collision.
  • Photographs and measurements of any skid marks or scuffs on the road's surface.
  • Photographs and measurements of anything that obstructed your vision along the roadway.
  • Towing bill.
  • Damage repair estimate with details of what was damaged or the total loss report. If the car, truck or motorcycle was a total loss then a photograph of it's condition just previous to the collision and the odometer reading.
  • You may need the bill of sale when you purchased the car, truck or motorcycle.
  • Car rental receipt or invoice if you had to lease a car while yours was getting repaired.
  • The police officer’s report of the accident; investigating officer's report.
  • Medical records from the medical service providers that show your conditions, diagnoses, prognoses, tests and other treatments.
  • Medical bills for all expenses for which you will make a claim.
  • Wage loss statement from your supervisor.
  • Medical reports indicating whether you have permanent impairment.
  • Doctor's slip saying you had to miss work.
  • Witness names and contact information.

What is your car accident case worth?

Some people believe they can represent themselves, but not if you have an accident involving a serious personal injury. We specialize in representing car accident victims. There's a great deal of effor that goes into proving who was at fault in a car accident and developing the medical evidence you will need for a complete recovery. Contact us online or call us directly at 515.222.1110 to schedule your free consultation and see what your car accident case may be worth.

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