Iowa Board of Nursing Cases - Can we help you?

Should you sign the Iowa Board of Nursing Settlement Agreement?

The Lombardi Law Firm assists nurses who are being investigated and being asked to sign a Settlement Agreement. You should never sign a Settlement Agreement just to get it over with. Signing a Settlement Agreement is just the beginning and can lead to a long period of probation with a lot of additional fees.



Know your rights and responsibilities!

  • Did you know you may not be able to get some jobs after signing the Settlement Agreement?
  • You may be ineligible for unemployment benefits if you sign the SA!
  • You may not be insurable for some types of health insurance plans.
  • You may be charged higher rates for malpractice insurance.
  • You are likely being placed on probation, assigned additional continued education – all with additional costs.
  • It could be used to blame you for someone else's negligence.
  • Make sure the SA is accurate!
  • Even if you had a bad day, do not take the blame for others or for something you did not do!

In other words, this can follow you for a long time and cost you thousands of dollars.

We are here to help and for a limited time,

  • will review any Settlement Agreement,
  • meet in person or by phone, with any nurse and
  • advise you of the ramifications
  • for a flat-fee of $350.00.

We realize some nurses will have a difficult time getting to West Des Moines so we can discuss this on a conference call or by Skype.

This offer is simply to review the Settlement Agreement and to advise you of the ramifications. The flat-fee does not include time spent if charges are filed or a hearing is required.

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