High Speed Police Chase Law in Iowa

High-speed police chases happen all around us, and at unpredictable times.  There is no telling when we may witness one occur near us, or when we or someone we know will be unintentionally involved in a car accident is caused by the chase.  When such high-speed chases occur in close proximity to other cars and people, the risk of accidents causing High Speed Police Chasedeath or injury to bystanders is high.  The law is complicated in terms of when an injured bystander may be able to recover for injuries sustained in a high-speed chase.  Iowa has many on-point cases, but the facts vary from case to case and will vary in real life.  For instance, how long did the chase occur? Where did it occur? What time of day? What was the offense committed by the suspect being pursued? Was the suspect posing a threat to the public?

If you or someone you know was an innocent bystander and suffered injuries, or death, as a result of a high-speed police chase you need to speak with an experienced police chase attorney as soon as possible. Please contact us online or call us directly at 555.222.1110 for your free consultation to determine whether you may have a case to pursue and what insurance coverage may apply to your injuries.

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