Tree fell on police officer during traffic stop

Posted on May 20, 2014

A Centerville police officer was injured when a large oak tree fell on him during a routine traffic stop around 11:15 PM on Wednesday May 7th.  Officer Jeremy Veach had pulled over driver Candice Duffey for driving without headlights on and was standing beside the door of the vehicle she was driving, when the incident occurred.  Officer Veach suffered minor scrapes and bruising, in addition to needing three stitches in his elbow.  Ms. Duffey was also not seriously injured and did not receive a ticket.  The SUV took the brunt of the damage from the tree, and the value of the damages is not yet available.  The owners of the tree had no idea the tree would fall, as it appeared healthy and continued to sprout leaves every spring.  However, Officer Veach later examined the base of the tree and determined that it was in fact rotting.  Wind does not seem to have played a role in the incident, which was captured on video by the officer’s in-car camera.

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Iowa police officer hit by massive tree during traffic stop                                                       

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