Think being a judge is easy?

Posted on Nov 29, 2012

I read again this week about a lawyer in Iowa being assaulted by his client. In this instance the client poured a glass of water on the lawyer’s head. The jury apparently wasn’t yet out of the courtroom, so who knows if this will result in a mistrial.

Pouring Cold Water On Your Own Case - Jerome Power, Murder Suspect, Pours Water On His Lawyer (VIDEO), Huffington Post, Weird News with video. See also Black World.

One more way of saying, "You're a lousy lawyer!" Wow.... you think he didn't like his closing? It's actually not funny, but if we don't make light of it we would quit lawyering tomorrow. I've experienced two assaults in my 30+ years. One in court, my first case, and the second in a deposition. In the deposition the defense lawyer wouldn't stop yapping and my rather large and strong client had enough of him. I've heard Congressman Braley also had a go-at-it with a deponent. You'd have to ask him, although I believe the deposition transcript made the rounds at the time. Bruce is no push-over. See his questioning on bridge safety. [Alright Bruce, know when to stop, you made your point!]

Here is a recent story from Iowa’s Business Record.

Subj: Business Record Daily PM 11.19.12

Defendant pours water on his lawyer's head

A man on trial for first-degree murder poured a glass of water over his attorney's head following closing arguments Monday. The incident, which was caught by photographers, happened as the jury was leaving the courtroom Monday morning at the Linn County Courthouse in Cedar Rapids. Jerome Power reportedly said, "It should of been a mistrial. You sold me out" to attorney Steve Addington before he doused him. Power, 50, is charged with first-degree murder in the death of his neighbor Doris Bevins in September 2010. Get more news at

So today let’s go the YouTube Hall of Fame for Judging Gone Wrong



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