Teen Dies in Fiery Car Accident

Posted on Jul 04, 2016

Jasper County, Iowa - A sixteen year old from Kellogg, died in a collision on June 8th. The accident occurred at North 83rd Avenue East and West 84th Street North when a car failed to stop while heading west. A truck, driven by Jarrod McDonald, collided with Trenton Brady’s car. The truck caught fire and McDonald was transported to a local hospital with injuries. Other passengers escaped unharmed. Brady was pronounced dead at the scene while his brother, also a teenager, was transported to Skiff Medical Center with injuries. [Trenton Brady]

What is not clear is who had the right-of-way and who did not. Was this intersection one with traffic control devices or one without? If without then knowing who has the right-of-way is important. I have previously written about uncontrolled intersections and who has the right of way. Much of it has to do with control of the intersection, meaning who was first to enter. In cases like this one where a driver dies the insurance adjusters will be quick to ask passengers to give statements. Those statements are critical in establishing blame. Passengers have a claim for personal injuries and must realize the adjusters are not your friend, even though they may be friendly. Adjusters want to minimize any claim, not just those of the drivers. So take heed and before giving any adjuster a recorded statement contact and obtain advice from an Iowa personal injury lawyer. Good luck with your insurance claims and if we can help give us a call or fill out the contact information form.

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