State Worker’s Overtime Eliminated for Many Jobs

Posted on Aug 08, 2017

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First the state pushed Medicaid into a private system to save money, which is collapsing under the weight of being run by a for-profit company. It was one announcement after the next about needing more and more money to operate the system that for years was a well-oiled machine.

Now under a new collective bargaining law 160 different government jobs will no longer be paid for overtime work. Those jobs include the following.

“That covers registered nurses at the Department of Corrections, the Department of Human Services, the Veterans Home, nurse clinicians at the Veterans Home, and I believe one psychiatrist at the Department of Corrections,” said Department of Administrative Services Deputy Director David Heuton.

This is a mess, and one has to wonder if the former governor wasn’t or isn’t getting senile in his old age.

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