Scott County Man Dies in Auto Accident

Posted on Mar 29, 2016

On March 16th at 6:08 pm, a two-car collision occurred in Scott County near Utica Ridge Road and 210th Street. Lucas Johnson, 34, had entered the intersection at Utica Ridge Road and 210th Street when he was struck by 18-year-old Christopher Patricio. Patricio failed to obey the stop sign and entered the intersection, striking Johnson. Both cars careened into a nearby ditch and Johnson’s car hit a utility pole. Johnson died at the scene and Patricio and a passenger were treated for injuries. 

Steve’s Comments: Assuming the report of the accident is accurate, this is a pretty clear-cut case of liability, although after 35-years of practicing personal injury accident law, nothing is as clear as it seems. Like the case above witnesses will be important as will accident scene statements made to the police officer who investigated the collision. Relatives and spouse should act quickly and secure legal counsel. If we hear from you great, if we don’t good luck with your case. 

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