One person killed in four-vehicle accident

Posted on Aug 20, 2014

A four-vehicle accident in Chickasaw County on the morning of Friday, August 1st left one person dead and at least two injured.  The crash occurred on Highway 63 near the intersection of Highway 63 and Mission Ave.  Apparently, Eric Buckendahl or Buchendahl, 18, of Fort Atkinson, was driving south on Highway 63 when the vehicle in front of him slowed or stopped unexpectedly and he swerved, hitting it.  As the vehicle he hit sped off, the SUV Mr. Buchendahl was driving spun sideways into the northbound lane of Highway 63.  Motorcyclist Mark Hill, 54, of Cameron, Missouri, hit the vehicle and was ejected from his motorcycle.  Mr. Buchendahl collided with a second motorcycle, driven by Clyde Han, also of Cameron, Missouri.  All three known drivers were transported to Mercy Medical Center in New Hampton, where Mr. Hill was later pronounced dead.  The driver of the first vehicle that Mr. Buchendahl crashed into has not been found.

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