Mortgage Fraud Blog - Perp Walk - 10 new articles for May 17, 2012

Posted on May 24, 2012

Here again is Rachel Dollar’s Mortgage Fraud Blog with ten more headlines of mortgage litigation cases. I selected the story about Deutsche Bank AG and DB Structured Products, Inc. to discuss. Apparently, and keep in mind there are no documents presented, Dollar describes the Complaint goes to the heart of what is described as valuations when originating mortgages in compliance with HUD rules. First let me say I believe we are a long way from cleaning up the home mortgage crisis. There is much more litigation work to do before this one turns north, but today we are just going to discuss what buyers need to be doing to protect themselves. Before buying a home and making an offer ask your agent for a market survey of recent homes in the neighborhood and similar homes in the area by size and quality. If you agree to overpay for a home it’s almost impossible to get out of it.

Do your due diligence before buying. It’s really that simple.

Mortgage Fraud Blog - Perp Walk - 10 new articles

In This Issue...

Another Fraudster Sentenced in Dream Home Mortgage Scam
Mortgage Fraud Ringleader Jailed for Scam Involving 70 Homes
Real Estate Developer Goes to Jail for Inflating Home Prices
Real Estate Agent Pleads Guilty to Straw Buyer Scam
Guilty Plea Entered in $20M Mortgage Fraud Case
Settlement Entered in Civil Lawsuit Concerning HUD Violations
Investor, Finance President and Appraiser Charged for Fraud
12 Indicted for Mortgage Scam Involving 21 Properties
Foreclosure Rescuer Indicted for Extensive Fraud Scam
Man Indicted for Defrauding Lenders in Condo Sales Scheme
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