Mortgage Fraud Blog - Perp Walk - 10 new articles for April 1, 2012

Posted on Apr 01, 2012

Our friend over at the Mortgage Fraud Blog has 10 stories about mortgage fraud that include professionals from several different walks of life. Pretty unnerving stuff really, those with privilege being accuse or in some cases, pleading or being found guilty of abusing the privileges granted to them. I hate seeing lawyers abusing the license they are granted for earning the right to sit for the bar. Read the stories and see how people get into trouble using mortgages as the investment vehicle.

Mortgage Fraud Blog - Perp Walk - 10 new articles

In This Issue...

Former NBA Player Indicted for Real Estate Ponzi Scheme
Man Gets 10 Years for Large-Scale Mortgage Fraud Conspiracy
Attorney Disbarred for Mortgage Fraud Crimes
2 Arrested for Foreclosure Rescue Fraud
Real Estate Attorney Admits Stealing Closing Funds
4 Indicted for Running Puerto Rican Mortgage Fraud Scam
3 Real Estate Fraudsters Receive Hefty Prison Sentences
Man Indicted for $82M Real Estate Fraud Scam
Convicted Mortgage Fraudsters to be Sentenced
Solicitor Admits Lying About Real Estate Development
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