Mortgage Fraud Blog for April 10, 2012

Posted on Apr 15, 2012
In this month’s issue there are some interesting cases. The one involving the real estate agents and the short sale seemed pretty straight forward.
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In This Issue...

Fire From Marijuana Grow House Leads to Mortgage Fraud Charges
2 Indicted for Appraisal Fraud and Submitting False Docs to Lenders
Guilty Pleas Entered in 2 Separate Mortgage Fraud Cases
Brokerage Owner Admits $66M Mortgage Fraud Scam
Title Agent Sentenced for Stealing Escrow Funds
Real Estate Agent Goes to Jail For Short Sale Fraud
Hells Angel Gets 1 Year in Prison for Mortgage Fraud
5th Defendant Admits Role in Straw Buyer Scam
Man Sentenced for Lying to Mortgage Investors
Woman Convicted of Multi-Stage Mortgage Fraud Scam
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