Man killed in off-roading accident

Posted on May 01, 2014

A Des Moines man died after he crashed his vehicle while driving off-road in a wooded area south of the Des Moines River on Sunday, April 20th.  Matthew Blackford, 21, was off-roading in his Jeep Cherokee with 6 friends when the vehicle got stuck in a pool of water near 45th Street and East Watrous Avenue.  The facts are unclear, but apparently he attempted to free the vehicle by rocking it back and forth, and collapsed when he got out of the car.  Mr. Blackford’s friends performed CPR on him until paramedics arrived, but he was later pronounced dead at Mercy Medical Center.  Because the exhaust pipe was underwater and near a hole in the floorboard, police speculate that his death was caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Man killed in off-roading vehicle crash

Man killed in off-road vehicle crash

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