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Posted on Mar 02, 2013

Cedar Rapids attorney disbarred: Admits to taking $800,000 out of client accounts for gambling – There is no quicker way to get your ticket to practice law, pulled then when you steal from the trust account. A lawyer’s trust account is sacrosanct; meaning it’s a sacred cow underlying the lawyer’s license. This lawyer with the apparent gambling problem fell on her sword admitting to taking $800,000 offering a gambling problem as the reason. Gambling isn’t a legitimate reason for stealing; maybe someone might care if it were to pay for a lifesaving surgery, but probably not the Iowa Supreme Court. It’s not your money, it’s the clients. When money that is supposed to be in the trust account comes up missing the lawyer’s license is always in jeopardy.

Most people don’t realize that Iowa lawyers insure losses such as this one. We pay personally to cover losses caused by other lawyers. This loss will cost us all. So lawyers have no sympathy for those of us that steal from the trust account.

Here are words lawyers never want to read: Grievance Commission reports respondent has committed ethical misconduct and recommends revocation of respondent’s license to practice law. LICENSE REVOKED.

And in other news one lawyer was suspended for 60 days having to do with substance abuse. We do offer legal services to defend professionals when licensing issues are the legal issue. The following case was based on criminal charges in his personal life.


Greivance commission recommends suspension of attorney's law license for ethical violations. LICENSE SUSPENDED.

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