Iowa Personal Injury News for October 27, 2010

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Posted on Oct 27, 2010

Plymouth County single car accident kills two and a third is hospitalized. There is not much said in the news article about what caused the a car on Highway 3 to go into the ditch near the intersection of Evergreen Avenue on October 24, 2010. Courtney Darlene Brian, age 19 remains hospitalized. Two others Ryan Utesch, 22 fromLeMars and Jonathon Marshall, age 27 from LeMars both died. All three were ejected as the car rolled. The Plymouth County Sheriff's office did the investigating. The Iowa State Patrol had no report on the accident. It could be because of the other 5 personal injury accidents that night.

There were accidents the ISP covered in Decatur, Johnson, Linn and Polk Counties. There were two in Decatur. The first in Decatur was at mile marker 21 on Interstate 35 (I-35) and involved a car hitting a deer. Richard Ericson from Chatfield, Minnesota was driving that car. The other Decatur County collision was again with a deer but this time heading south on I-35 at mile marker 14. That one was Willard Carter, 46 from Altoona, Iowa.

The accident in Johnson County was a two-vehicle accident with the northbound vehicle crossing the median and striking the Ford being driven by James Schebler, 73 from Davenport; the collision was on I-380. Alexis Rojas-Garcia was driving a Blazer and was cited for failing to maintain control.

The Linn County accident was with another deer; man they are active this time of the years. That one was on highway 30.

The last accident/collision in Polk County involved two deer and one Savannah Cook, 23 from Newton, Iowa.  Savannah hit them on I-80 at the 146.25 mile marker.

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