Iowa District Court Ruling in Favor of Trucker Charged with Drunk Driving

Posted on Dec 05, 2012

Over the Road Truck DrivingIowa Trucker’s CDL saved after drunken driving stop by the DOT

This trucker is happy after what we consider to be a huge win with a lot at stake. In an Iowa District Court ruling all charges were dropped against our client after a motion kept the blood alcohol test result out of evidence. The judge ruled in favor the motion to exclude, the County Attorney moved to dismiss, the judge granted a motion to dismiss and the client sat smiling and in shock at what had just happened. This is a huge win for our over-the-road truck driver whose CDL was at risk and right to work at a truck driver. Earning more than $100,000 per year as a trucker can be saved by hiring the right attorney who in this instance knew what to file and how to argue it. Not every case is successful and we do not guarantee this same result for you, but we are willing to use every legal means to save your CDL.

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