Iowa Board of Medicine: Radiologist, Excessive Use of Alcohol

Posted on Feb 27, 2013

Physician radiologist entered into a SA with the IBM after being formally charged with “engaging in the excessive use of alcohol which may impair her ability to practice medicine with reasonable skill and safety…”. Board found depression adequately controlled by medication. A civil penalty of $5,000, five years of probation, monitoring program, alcohol prohibition, limitation on use of controlled or prescription drug use, drug screening program, substance abuse meetings with AA 3 times per week, cognitive behavioral therapy from Board-approved therapist, quarterly reports, board appearances annually or upon request and payment of a monitoring fee.

The Press Release on February 20, 2013 indicated new charges were filed on July 26, 2012 alleging violations of the terms of the January 24, 2011 Order when she consumed alcohol and failed to pay the $5,000 civil penalty in a timely manner. It appears another SA was reached on February 14, 2013 and a Citation and Warning was issued along with another $5,000 civil penalty for “willfully or repeatedly violating a lawful order of the Board.”

Settlement Agreement and Statement of the Charges, File No. 02-12-431

Press Release, February 20, 2013

Advice: Every physician should set aside $5,000 in a rainy day fund so that anytime they are in trouble with the IBM and are fined they can pay it quickly to avoid further penalties. 

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