I-29 Rollover Accident Kills One, Injures Two Others

Posted on Apr 05, 2016

Breanna Longoria, 26, died and two others were injured in a single vehicle rollover accident on I-29 on Friday, April 1. The accident occurred when an SUV, traveling north near the Port Neal Interchange, spun out of control. The car hit a crossover and rolled into the southbound lanes, ejecting one passenger. One of the three occupants was pronounced dead at the scene and two others were transported Mercy Medical Center.

Attorney Lombardi’s Comments: In this single vehicle rollover accident we have several passengers involved and so unlike the Berg accident previously reported more information is needed before anyone can tell if a workers’ compensation case is envisioned. In this one like the last one the passengers present their own claims and their claims may engender both liability and underinsured claims. See a lawyer early to maximize your recovery, is the best advice I can give. 

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Steve Lombardi
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