Government office studies causes and types of postal worker injury.

Posted on Jan 04, 2014

Because of the physical and often highly repetitive nature of their work, many postal employees find themselves making a workers’ compensation claim at some point in their careers.   Mail was delivered daily to over 132,000,000 delivery points in 2012, and at some point during that process, around 11,717 incidents of injury occurred to postal employees.

As expected, the most common injuries on postal delivery routes were caused by falls and dog bites – understandable due to the common practice of mail delivery while on foot.  On rural routes, automobile accidents were the most common source of injury.   In terms of occupational injuries, postal workers who perform repetitive tasks in a mail processing setting had the most number of claims.   Postal workers make up nearly 43% of all FECA claims.

The report was prepared by the GAO (Government Accountability Office) for the Federal government.  GAO has undertaken numerous studies of the federal workers’ compensation program, including a survey of benefits to the postal worker.

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