Whether you are injured in a car, motorcycle, semi-truck, ATV accident, at work or school or on someone else's property you can count on our firm to handle your personal injury claim. Steve has been involved in personal injury litigation for over thirty years. This firm has represented over 1,000 personal injury and workers' compensation clients in as many cases ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to over $6.05 million. We pride ourselves on hard work; which is its own reward.

You can benefit from our knowledge of legal strategy after your accident that leads to a personal injury insurance claim.

We can help you to maximize the insurance recovery like the thousands of clients before you.

To get help call 515-222-1110 or write directly to Attorney Lombardi at [email protected].

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  • $417 Million Baby-Powder Verdict Iowa baby-powder cases and whether we can proved the scientific link to ovarian cancer. There is proof of the connection. Our firm is exploring cases.
  • AbbVie Judgment for $150 Million Punitive Claim is surrounds AndroGel, a male testosterone-replacement therapy. We take some drug cases and class-action cases. Attorney’s Lombardi with questions.
  • Three Dead in Pella After Serious Truck Accident Pella Walmart Site of Serious Accident
  • Pitbull Attack Kills 4-Year Old Girl A young girl was severely attacked by a pitbull in Prairie City and did not survive.
  • Tsunami levels village on American Somoa after 8.3 quake The village of Sau Sau Beach Fale on American Samoa was leveled. New Zealander, Graeme Ansell told National Radio that not a building was left standing. He spoke from a hill near Samoa’s capital, Apia. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center website has up to the minute warnings and messages regarding the status of the tsunami and evacuations.
  • West Des Moines, Iowa Job Opening for Legal Support Person Are you out of work and looking to make ends meet? Do you want to change jobs because the one you have is boring? Are you not being appreciated at your present low-paying job? Are you a self-starter, energetic, honest and hard working? Is your boss too bossy? Well so am I, but that’s life. If most of this describes you then call Barbara Lombardi at 515-222-1110.
  • Iowa State Fair Photography Competition The Iowa State Fair Photography Salon officially announced and made available entry forms for the 2009 photography competition. Read this news article to find out more and to access the necessary documents for entry into the competition.
  • Eastern Iowa Lawyer or Lawfirm Sought to Write Legal Blogs for Eastern Iowa personal injury or workers' compensation lawyer or lawfirm needed to write blogs or blawgs for the eastern Iowa market for the InjuryBoard. Must be a forward thinking person willing to work to develop the market.
  • 2009 Annual Conference Web 2.0 & The Trial Bar A Different Experience Ready for a different CLE experience? One with topics and speakers who will hold your attention and inspire you in ways legal education never has before? How about a multi-day destination CLE that won't break the bank? Join us in beautiful St. Petersburg, Florida for a different kind of CLE experience, a family friendly environment and laid back atmosphere where you can meet fellow attorneys that share your values and passion for the trial bar while you learn proven and practical methods to grow your practice.