Gaugen and Haugen I-35 Rear End Accident

Posted on Jan 18, 2015

A three-vehicle accident in Cerro Gordo County during whiteout conditions left Anthony Haugen of Watford, North Dakota, injured and in fair condition. Mr. Haugen and the other two vehicles were heading southbound on the B20 ramp entering Interstate 35 southbound when Mr. Haugen was stopped or nearly stopped due to weather conditions. While he was stopped or coming to a stop Mr. Haugen’s vehicle was rear-ended by Daniel Marzen of Hampton, Iowa. The impact caused Mr. Haugen’s car to spin out and was then hit by a third vehicle driven by Bruce Sogard of Leland, Iowa. Mr. Marzen and Mr. Sogard were both uninjured as a result of the crash.

Steve Lombardi
Iowa personal injury, workers' compensation, motorcycle, quadriplegic, paraplegic, brain injury, death