Four Injured in Suspected Drunk Driving Crash

Posted on Jul 13, 2016

Drunk driving is suspected in a crash that injured four on June 18th in Shelby County. The accident occurred around 10:50 pm when a truck driven by Joshua Edgecomb, 27, was thought to have crossed the center line and struck three southbound vehicles on Highway 59. Troy Fudge of Corning, Rachelle Brown of Omaha, and Scott Brown, also of Omaha, were in the oncoming car that was struck. Joshua Edgecomb, his passenger Timmy Edgecomb, Rachelle Brown, and a youngster were transported to a nearby hospital with injuries.

The most salient fact is underlined in the news item above. Anytime someone crosses the center line they are THE MOST likely driver to be assigned fault. Because crossing the center line is the riskiest of driver actions. Take a moment and think about it. You cross over the center line and into the opposing lane with traffic traveling as fast as you but in the opposite direction. Sixty miles per hour turns into 120 miles per hour at the moment of the collision. This is a terrible accident with lives changed on both sides of the collision. The venue is likely to be in Shelby County, Iowa.

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