Farmer burning hay leads to liability after multi-car car accidents

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Posted on Mar 24, 2012

Iowans, specifically farmers found out what won’t work near a busy highway: burning hay bales. Add some fog and presto you have the making of a multi-car pileup. I’d say this farmer needs to check with this liability insurer and read the declarations page, because the payout is mounting.

As a private investigator in law school I investigated a similar accident on I-80 involving the railroad and failing to have spark arrestors. The train set multiple fires over a long distance along I-80, creating a smoke screen. As cars entered the smoke they thought it would end, but then it didn’t and the driver’s not being able to see what was ahead began stopping. A rear-end collision ensued, followed by another and another till finally we had multiple deaths. Tom Levis and Larry Scalise were the lead attorneys. I was a grunt law student out investigating the accident. I did my job and did it well.

Patrol says burning hay bales were major factor in 2 pileups on US Highway 20 ...
The Republic
AP WEBSTER CITY, Iowa — Eight people were hospitalized — two in serious condition — after chain-reaction collisions Monday involving nearly two-dozen vehicles on US Highway 20 in north-central Iowa, and authorities were blaming the pileups on poor ...

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