Did you get caught by a red-light-runner's camera?

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Posted on Mar 18, 2012

This is a very well article from the Norwalk Patch (Connecticut, not Iowa) on red light camera statistics and intersection collisions and deaths. It’s well worth reading. Here is a tidbit of what he reports.

Motor vehicles that ran red lights injured a total of 113,000 people in 2009. Of those injuries 676 were fatal.

“Of these fatal accidents, 46 percent were occupants of the other vehicle, 12 percent were passengers in the vehicle running the red light, 6 percent were pedestrians or cyclists and 36 percent were the drivers of the vehicle running the red light. In addition, 11 percent of people killed in red light running accidents were motorcyclists, 10 percent of those drivers were teenagers. 22 percent of drivers in fatal red light crashes were unlicensed and 25 percent had blood alcohol content over the legal limit of .08 percent.”

Red Light Cameras: Lifesaver or Flawed Solution?
American Traffic Solutions Motor vehicles that ran red lights injured a total of ... In addition, 11 percent of people killed in red light running accidents ...

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