Des Moines Couple First to Receive Specialty Smoke Detectors

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Steve Lombardi 

Posted on Jul 06, 2012

Des Moines, IOWA --- The State Fire Marshal’s Office in cooperation with State Farm Insurance invite media to the first installation of deaf/hard of hearing smoke detectors and strobe units provided through a cooperative, life-saving program.  At the Kern residence, electricians and fire professionals will install a hardwired smoke detector, along with a strobe light unit that is synced via blue toothe technology to the hardwired unit.

This installation kicks off an effort to place an already purchased 171 strobe light units in homes around the state.  


Installation of Specialty Strobe Light, Smoke Detectors for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Iowans.




9:00 AM


Tuesday, May 22, 2012




Kern Residence


1640 Beaver Ave.


Des Moines, Iowa




Dale and Donna Kern


Office of the State Fire Marshal


Iowa Deaf Services Office


State Farm Insurance


Baker Electric


Des Moines Fire Department

The State Fire Marshal’s Office along with the Iowa Deaf Services Office gathered a list of more than 800 families throughout the state that have deaf or hard of hearing people living in the residence.  There are obviously more families in need of the life-saving technology of strobe detectors. Community and corporate support is requested to to help outift the remaining 630 homes with strobe detectors. 

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