Whether you are injured in a car, motorcycle, semi-truck, ATV accident, at work or school or on someone else's property you can count on our firm to handle your personal injury claim. Steve has been involved in personal injury litigation for over thirty years. This firm has represented over 1,000 personal injury and workers' compensation clients in as many cases ranging in value from a few thousand dollars to over $6.05 million. We pride ourselves on hard work; which is its own reward.

You can benefit from our knowledge of legal strategy after your accident that leads to a personal injury insurance claim.

We can help you to maximize the insurance recovery like the thousands of clients before you.

To get help call 515-222-1110 or write directly to Attorney Lombardi at [email protected].

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  • Are the Bush voters in hiding? Why would he do such a thing on camera? Is he holding up the IQ of those voters who voted for him, not once but twice. Where are all those voters, because I can’t find anyone who is willing to admit to voting for him?
  • Defamation requires publicity, a good reputation to begin with and substantial harm. It seems like a sad way to end a career at the University of Iowa. Arthur Miller, is charged with four counts of accepting bribes based on allegations he promised better grades for sexual favors. If it's not true, someone has more than likely defamed him.