Burlington Man Dies After Striking Deer

Posted on Jul 07, 2016

Jason M. Robinson, 28, of Burlington was traveling north on Highway 61 in his Chevy Impala on June 16th when he struck a deer in the roadway near the intersection of J Avenue and Highway 61. Robinson’s car flipped before landing in a nearby ditch and Robinson was pronounced dead at the scene.

I wouldn’t think hitting a deer would cause a Chevy Impala to flip, and so it appears as though further investigation would be necessary before drawing such a conclusion. It is more likely that moments before or after colliding with the deer the driver likely overreacted causing the car to turn or to swerve and that caused the car to flip.

Nevertheless, this is still a tragedy. What we can learn from this, would be what drivers should do before encountering a deer in the roadway. I once read about what emergency room doctors were telling drivers in Maine who encountered a moose on the highway. They advised to plow right into them, don’t attempt to swerve and avoid them. Just take them out because most driver fatalities coming into the ER had to do with driver’s losing control while attempting to avoid a moose. The same is probably good advice for Iowa’s deer vs car accidents. Don’t try to avoid them, it’s not worth the risk, instead just hit them and let your car insurance company pay for the damage.

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