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  • Brandon Ellingson's Civil Case Continues The wrongful death claim against the Missouri State Highway Patrol involving the arrest and drowning will proceed according to a Kansas City judge.
  • Lock & Dam 16: Boat goes over spillway in Muscatine According to KCCI a boat was traveling at a high rate of speed, didn't stop at the spillway, and went over it at Lock & Dam 16 at around 11:00 pm Saturday.
  • Boat flips killing operator, passenger alright A boat reported to be driven by a 50-year-old, Greg Alan Williams, rolled over probably from a sharp turn, although that is yet to be proven.
  • What was the boy doing underneath the pontoon boat? The important point is for you to use safety techniques that are commonly used in other situations to make what you're doing safer. That way no one has to lose their life. Working safely is will get the job done faster and no one has to leave the job site by ambulance. It’s important that everyone lives to work another day and comes back to the job site with all their fingers and toes. I’ve worked my entire life and planning how to do the job safely is as important to me as is getting the job done. Be mindful of safety techniques.
  • Brooks Schuelke, Boating in Texas, Staying out of Court! Check out this post on boating safety, which includes my list of how boat owners should think so as not to get sued!
  • Iowa Boating Accident Investigated by DNR - Jury still out on fault. Who is at fault for the death of the 13-year-old tuber over Iowa's Memorial Day Weekend holiday.
  • Electrocuted by Neighbor's Boat Dock First the dog and then the owner who tried to rescue the dog were electrocuted when they were close to a neighbor's boat dock. Luckily family members realized the problem and disconnected the electricity before he was killed.
  • Boats collide on Lost Island Lake, Iowa I've added a blog post on a recent boating accident on Lost Island Lake involving two boats being operated by a couple of 13-year-olds. One boy was taken to the hospital.
  • Iowa Boating - Jet Ski Collision Two jet ski operators collided on Saylorville Lake. One who ended up face down in the water and not breathing was probably saved by wearing a life vest.